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“To paraphrase Jeffery T, Dr. Pandarinath is an excellent and caring doctor/orthopedic suregon. He surgically repaired the long head tendon of my bicep in November of 2012, and prior to my procedure, I'd never had a surgical procedure of any sort. Needless to say, I was and have always been uneasy and apprehensive about doctors and medical procedures alike. However, upon meeting with Dr. Pandarinath, I felt a certain level of comfort that came from his caring demeanor, and his respect for the fact that I was uneasy about the entire situation. Everyone has a phobia in life, and without question.. surgery is definitely one of mine. He provided me with all the facts, in a manner that allowed me to relax and stay calm, so that I could make an informed decision. He also advised me as to how he rectify the issue, and what steps I would take to fully recover. He scheduled me for an MRI and the following week we met at the GW Surgery Center, which is where and when my procedure took place. Dr. Pandarinath spoke with me before the procedure to see how I was doing, and ensure that everything would be just fine. I would also like to commend his medical staff (everyone from the nurses who prepped me for surgery, to those who assisted during the actual procedure), as they did an extraordinary job of ensuring that I was taken care in the most professional manner, which serves as a reflection of the level of service offered by GW. Finally, during the recovery phase 1.5 to 2 weeks.. I was contacted by a member of Dr. Pandarinath's medical staff to inquire as to how I was feeling, and ensure that I was healing according to what had been explained to me prior to my procedure. I never felt alone throughout this process, and I appreciate that even though I am not an orthopedic surgeon, myself, Dr. Pandarinath took the time to make sure I understood exactly what my situation was, without scaring me to death... or causing me to try and live with my condition out of fear of the unknown. I also met with him at least two times after my procedure to ensure the success of my procedure, and for him to personally see how I was recovering. In closing, thanks to Dr. Pandarinath's vast knowledge on the subject matter, kind and gentle demeanor, and open line of communication throughout the entire process, I can honestly say that if I had to have a surgical procedure again in life, I would want my surgeon to have the same exact qualities as Dr. Pandarinath.”

​Maurice S, Patient.

“Dr. Pandarinath performed my ACL surgery a bit over a year ago. He's conservative, knowledgable, and has a great bedside manner. He takes time to teach the residents, one of which referred to him as the 'rockstar of knees' when he wasn't in the room. It's true. My knee feels fantastic and I'm back to running half marathons.”
Kerry R, Patient.


“I heard so many conflicting stories of what to expect if having knee surgery to repair a torn maniscus. While my surgery required the torn piece of maniscus be cut out verses repaired (the torn piece had no red blood cells and was dead), and thus no physical therapy required, my experience was fantastic beyond the surgery itself. Dr. Pandarinath has an excellent bedside manner and goes well beyond expectation with respect to informing you have the problem and providing multiple options. Further, the staff that I encountered the day of the surgery was very gracious, overwhelmingly pleasant, and went out of their way to ensure my comfort and satisfaction. I highly recommend Dr. Pandarinath, he and his staff certainly consider all the patient's needs and desires throughout the period of providing care.”
Craig H, Patient.