LCL/PLC (Posterolateral Corner Injury)

The lateral collateral ligament is one of the four knee ligaments, spanning from the femur to the top of the fibula.  Complete tears of the LCL often require knee surgery to restore stability to the knee.  The LCL is often injured in combination with other ligaments of the knee.  

Patients with LCL injuries have pain on the outside of their knees and often have a sense of “giving way.”  Mild injuries of the LCL can often heal in a brace.  Severe injuries involve reconstruction or repair of the ligament, using either tendons from a cadaver or from the patient.  Following surgery, the knee is often maintained in a brace for 6-8 weeks, with return to sports at 6-9 months following reconstruction.  Physical therapy is an integral part of recovery from LCL surgery.


Collateral Ligament Injuries (AAOS)